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Ningbo lies on the south edge of the populous Yangtze Delta region and faces the East China Sea to the east.It has two main mountains within the prefecture boundaries, Siming Mountain and Tiantai Mountain..In front of the pavilion is a pond that stores water for fireproof..

The annual precipitation averages 1,300 - 1,400 mm..

The Yuyao, Fenghua and Yongjiang rivers flow through the city area.

Nearby Mount Putuo is an island with a major Buddhist temple on it that has been declared a national park and attracts both pilgrims and tourists..

Ningbo started foreign trade in the 7th century and has since become a major exporter of electrical products, textiles, food, and industrial tools in China today..

Ningbo enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate featuring high relative humidity and distinct seasons.

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It is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in china. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows (江 北 岸 圣 母 七 苦 主 教 座 堂).. Hemudu Site (河 姆 渡 遗 址) (Bus 333 from Ningbo, 6AM 5PM). In the outer district of Yuyao about 90 minutes by road from down town Ningbo in the flourishing countryside..

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